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Taizhou Korlone

Taizhou Korlone is one of the few global manufacturers of integrated photovoltaic industry chain, has a first-class international management and technical team, to provide staff with a multi-field, multi-level global platform for career development and all aspects of professional training. Focus on employee career development and growth, there are norms, improve the management system, and a full range of employee benefits system. "Cultural talent pool, incentive pay talent, the mechanism to retain talent, career train qualified personnel, to achieve common development and progress of employees and businesses.

Career opportunities

Taizhou Korlone of life In todays industrial civilization and the rapid development of modern science and technology, Taizhou Korlone for the realization of human use of green energy diligently pursuing the ideal, rooted in the fertile soil of Chinese traditional culture, adhering to the "kindness, integrity, pragmatic, sophisticated" core values ??continuing to attach importance to and strengthen corporate culture, and strive to foster positive employee moral spirit and belief in life. Second, entertaining and constantly enrich the cultural life of the spirit of the staff.

The young employees organization of stylistic class activities on a regular basis, "tourism activities", "Badminton, Table Tennis", "billiards", "fun games", "singing contest" Based on the shaping of human care and the Conscience of the Taizhou Korlone photovoltaic continued exploration and efforts in the building of enterprise culture, improve the cohesion and solidarity of the group of employees to enhance their sense of belonging, happiness and honor, highlights the "kindness, integrity, pragmatic, sophisticated" value orientation, laid a solid foundation for enterprise rapid, healthy and sustainable development.
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