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      Taizhou Korlone solar market network has covered the world. The customers and companies closer together and strengthen after-sales service and communication. Through strength at home and abroad, there are channels, there is a market brand recognition and well-known brands of large customers for strategic cooperation, customers and suppliers around the world, cooperation customers: Wacker (WACKER), REC, SOLARWORLD, MEMC, SCHOTT , GCL Solar, eT Solar, Suntech, LDK, Lungi and other companies.

      Korlone solar products are exported to Germany, Spain, Italy, and other European countries and the United States, India, Australia, Japan and other emerging photovoltaic markets. Meanwhile, the implementation and establish long-term good cooperation relationship with domestic photovoltaic depth giant and giant counterparts strategy, formed a strong sales network edge. Now take the lead in developing domestic and foreign counterparts in the power plant project, leading the market direction, grasp the initiative in the market to achieve its market share continued optimization.

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