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The first sun photovoltaic signed a framework cooperation agreement 1GW PV power plant project

ST Shannon (600401.SH) / Hareon the evening of April 16, the Board of Directors announcement said, the company recently signed with the Wuwei Municipal Peoples Government "in the Wuwei Construction photovoltaic industry park and 1GW photovoltaic

ST Shannon (600401.SH) / Hareon the evening of April 16, the Board of Directors Announcement has Wuwei Municipal Peoples Government signed a cooperation agreement in the framework of the Wuwei Construction photovoltaic industry park and 1GW PV power plant project. Company is responsible for the four years from 2012 to 2015, to complete 1GW PV power plant construction, the total investment of 10 billion yuan.

Under the agreement, Wuwei Municipal Peoples Government for the establishment of a PV module production and R & D base in the Wuwei new energy equipment manufacturing park with the area of solar energy resources in Wuwei City, local industry, planning and construction of 1GW photovoltaic application projects provide preferential policies.

ST Shannon power station investment projects will be incorporated in Wuwei City, the project company, responsible for the construction of photovoltaic power plant project in Wuwei City, tax, insurance, financing, under the same conditions, give priority to hiring local staff, using local equipment and materials and to receive quality certification .

ST Shannon said the agreement signed in the next few years, quickly and effectively expand business in the Wuwei in Gansu Province solar power station, in line with the companys development needs and long-term planning. However, this agreement is a framework agreement, the investment of the company concerned specific issues need to be further consultation, implemented after approval according to prescribed procedures approved by the company, shall be reported to the national competent authority for approval approval after implementation.

ST Shannon suspension due to the important matter is not officially announced on the 16th, on the 13th to close at 8.51 yuan.

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