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2012 Chinese PV Industry Leadership Summit a complete success

    solarF sun Reuters 6 pm, on December 2012 by the China Association of Resources Comprehensive Utilization of Renewable Energy Professional Committee work in the American Solar Energy Industry Association, by the National Renewable Energy Center, the International Solar Energy Society, Chinese Renewable Energy Society Photovoltaic Industry Association and a number of renowned institutions in the industry to support the contractors by solarF Sunshine Network 2012 China PV industry leaders summit concluded successfully in Beijing’s Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.

The conference invited many guests of the domestic leadership, foreign ambassadors to China to participate in the Forum; to attract entrepreneurs from a dozen countries and regions important in the solar industry. Miss Zhou Xiaoyan, the Secretary of the Department of Commerce Bureau of Fair Trade, the National Energy Board Energy and Renewable Energy Department, Mr. Shi Lishan, the NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee Act room Zhai Yong, director of the Norwegian Embassy Embassy Ambassador Mr.Svein, Ole Saether, Mr., U.S. Embassy Minister, Embassy of Mr. William of Zarit Mr. Raynaud Nils, French Embassy, ??Counsellor at the Indonesian Embassy Mr.Iwan Fredy of H. Susanto, etc. attended the meeting. The arrival of the industry leaders in the American Solar Energy Society Vice Chairman John P. Smirnow, the PV industry in China Secretary-General Mr. Wang Bohua CREIA / ERI, vice chairman / researcher Mr. Wang Sicheng to add luster to the summit.

The summit mainly consists of 5 parts, divided into the opening ceremony of 2012 China PV industry leaders summit, keynote speaker - to explore the road of development of photovoltaic industry, entrepreneurs on the Road - PV industry applications and the global industrial cooperation Road, the global PV Policy Outlook - - traditional markets and emerging markets, innovation and trends of the photovoltaic industry - clean production and power plant construction.

Secretary for the Ministry of Commerce Office of Fair Trading, said Zhou Xiaoyan, the global PV industry should work together to bigger piece of cake of the photovoltaic industry. However, we regret to see the PV companies in some countries turned to trade restrictions, the development of the global PV industry is facing the challenges of trade protection. Chinese Government to maintain and uphold the principles of free trade and oppose all forms of trade protectionism, especially against the abuse of trade remedy measures to limit the normal trade of photovoltaic cells.

The PV industry in China, Secretary-General of the League of Wang Bo, the clean energy industry analyst Xu Min Speakers agreed that the prospects of the PV market is quite promising, the problem is we are to maintain the balance of the development, productivity growth and market growth to keep pace.

State Grid Corporation of Energy Research, vice president of Miss Jiang Liping, vice chairman of the American Solar Energy Society, John P. Smirnow Mr. and other five guests in the afternoon of the global PV policy outlook links made a wonderful speech. They were starting from their respective countries, the global PV policy. Let us full of confidence for the future solar market more.

Solar division vice president, vice president of Applied Materials, Inc. Dr. Charlie Gay,, EWE’s senior adviser Marcus Merkel not only from a macro point of analysis the prospects for the development of the photovoltaic industry, but also from a business perspective, the micro-level analysis of the photovoltaic industry developments. Report to share the experience of cleaner production and power station development and analysis of a large photovoltaic grid-connected power plant operation and economic benefits.

"2012 China PV industry leaders summit is the industry’s history the highest grand meeting. His influence extended from the domestic and foreign politicians to the business circles of different sizes of enterprises, winter status quo of the PV industry to bring the hope of recovery, and pointed the way forward, it will melt the ice like a ray of warm sun, spring, sent us a chilly Oasis.

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