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Taizhou Korlone Solar Co., Ltd. has established a laboratory with international advanced level, including the physics lab, chemistry lab, Component Reliability Laboratory, the configuration has 33 sets of the advanced research and development, testing equipment, provide public technology R & D, testing, and information consulting services for the companys new product development.


Physics Laboratory

Physics Laboratory to meet the test characterization of a variety of parameters from silicon to Cell technology segment, including the minority carrier lifetime, sheet resistance, contact resistance, microscopic defects, quantum efficiency, and the efficiency of solar cells, solar cell research and development to provide a reliable data.

Physics Laboratory Equipment Features

Chemical laboratory

The introduction of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) and other expensive analytical equipment R & D center, the ability to accurately measure the composition and concentration of some elements in silicon material, solution, environment, precise extent of reach ppmb level, in order to effectively monitor the various process segment pollution problems.

Chemical laboratory test equipment Features

Reliability Laboratory

Component Reliability Laboratory is organized according to the IEC61215 standard to meet the test of the electrical properties, thermal and mechanical properties of cells and modules, these performance parameters, including visual inspection, determine the maximum power, insulation test, the measurement of the temperature coefficient , battery nominal operating temperature is measured, the performance under standard test conditions and the nominal operating temperature, the performance under the low irradiance, outdoor exposure test, the durability test, the hot spot UV aging test, a heat cycle test, wet - Cold test wet - thermal test, wet leakage current test, the mechanical load test, hail test, bypass diode thermal performance test. Through these parameters of the test indicates that the product can be long-term use under the environmental conditions specified.

Component Reliability Laboratory test equipment Features 

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